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Living your Purpose with Culturepreneur Dai Le

Why is it important to live your purpose, and how can you go about finding your purpose?

In this episode, we chat with culturepreneur Dai Le.

Dai is the current Deputy Mayor who has been working over the past decade on Fairfield City Council with Mayor Frank Carbone to improve and drive change in their community.

Dai Le is also a mother, daughter, wife, sister, and business owner. She arrived in Australia with her mother and two younger sisters from refugee camps in South East Asia in the late 1970s, after her mother escaped war-torn Vietnam. They eventually were resettled in Bossley Park.

In this episode we discuss:

01:28 What is cultureprenuer?

07:39 Why is it important to live your purpose?

12:50 Challenges Dai faced living her purpose

16:49 Ways to find your purpose

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